What is the author’s support for? First of all, to comply with the approved construction project approved interior design.

Unfortunately, often workers can do as they themselves think better, or – more beautiful. An experienced designer’s look will find mistakes at an early stage of construction. After all, he knows by heart every corner, drawing details of the future interior, they are stored in memory. Often there are problems with reworking parts. How so, you will be surprised, because there is a clear agreed project. It is difficult to answer unequivocally. Somewhere there was a coupler more than expected, somewhere the builders messed up, and maybe you changed the decision after seeing the delivery of the design project, the stained-glass window, which you definitely want to see, or the selected finishing material was taken off the production. In this case, and need supervision, then the designer will be able to solve on-the-spot problems – for example, pick up a new ceramic tile in the framework of the previously approved concept and prepare drawings for its layout.

Author’s supervision will help you in time to purchase the necessary materials and furniture. Some interior details are made to order and require more time.
At this stage, visits are made to stores for the selection and purchase of materials, finishes, furniture, etc.

The terms of the author’s supervision are agreed upon additionally and its scope depends on how much you have the opportunity and the desire to fully control the progress of repair and construction work.
Within the scope of the work on the author’s supervision, there can be both one-time visits to the site, and a permanent, fixed work.