Repair Work

Apartment renovation is quite a long process, requiring a choice of its kind, executors, materials.
First of all, you need to determine the type of repair:

Cosmetic repair is the simplest and relatively inexpensive way to transform the interior of an apartment.
As a rule, such repairs do not affect building structures and engineering networks. At cosmetic repair dismantle old furnish of walls and ceilings, partially level their plaster and shpatlevkoj and cover with new furnish.

Reorganization is officially called repair, in which there is a redevelopment and re-equipment of the apartment.
This is a more complex and thorough repair, which requires mandatory approval. Even a minor interference in the configuration of the apartment, for example, the dismantling of doors in a wall cabinet built during the construction of a house, or the installation of sanitary ware in other places, relative to the former location, will be considered a reorganization.