Services and prices

1) Development of ideas (3d-visualization)

2) Working design of interior design (for construction works), which includes:

– room measurement plan;
– plan for dismantling partitions (if necessary);
– plan for the installation of partitions (if necessary);
– explication of premises with furniture arrangement;
– scans of walls of premises with the anchors of decor elements and interior elements;
– a plan for assembling structures with detailed elaboration of complex shapes;
– a plan for placing lighting devices with references and indicating the type of luminaires used;
– plan for placement of outlets, switches, outputs of low-current networks, placement of electrical equipment;
– plan for the placement of sanitation equipment;
– scanning of walls with a layout of a tile, indication of the sizes and the areas;
– floor plan with the type of floor covering, pattern and size.
Price per sq.m. – 450 UAH

3) Author’s support

– exit to the site to control construction work (1-2 times a week);

– selection of materials and interior items.

Price per square meter. – 200 UAH

4) Repair and construction works